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Director, Producer, Video Cameraman, Writer, Editor, Sound Engineer, Visual Effects, Graphics.

Ed Studied at: Jacob Kramer - Art, & Leeds College of Art & Design - Clothing Craft, Beaumont Street Studios - Music Recording & Audio Production (Batley, West Yorkshire, UK), Leeds College of Technology - HIITEC (Computers, Mathematics, Music Software & Programming),  Leeds Metropolitan University - BSc. Degree course in Media Technology (Video Production, Film Theory, Computer Graphics, Mathematics, Electronics & Music Theory), Martial Arts Background - Since 1979, Advanced Black Belt in Freestyle Kickboxing, now teaching.

One of his memorable moments was to do a remix for Sony Records for the singer/songwriter Marsha Ambrosious who wrote 'Butterflies' for Micheal Jackson.

He has worked on various projects varying from remixes to voice overs and vocals  for composers such as Julian Ronnie, who now owns Mammoth Music & David Lowe (DHL, British Airways and American Express commercials).

He has also featured in the Sunday Times Magazine modelling for a photo shoot for top photographer 'Anthony Crickmay'. (famous for Athena models posters).

A deep and serious thinker, but the heart of a teddy bear, and with a passion for video and sound and all things technical and creative, Ed has used what he's learned over the years and managed to forge it together to create a unique style of his own.

Collaborating with the Italian Company 'Muay Thai Combat' (distributors for Yokkao), filming and interviewing some of the top Muay Thai Champions in the world,  he has gone on to do more productions for 'Black Widow Martial Arts Academy' and recently filmed and produced videos from their last 'Expo Opening Day' of their new gym which featured some of the top Muay Thai Champions in the UK... "The list goes on!"

He says, 'one of his goals is to hold a 'one to one, up close and personal interview' with MMA fighter and now promising action star Gina Carano, he also further says with a smile... 'Martial Arts is a small world and he will soon get to meet the Amazon Warrior.

With technology advancing very quickly over the past years, it's made it so much easier and more affordable for the talented person out there to use their imagination and make their ideas  a reality. This is one of the reasons why I feel it's the right time to make my first film 'Jet Slade'.

Ed also finalises by saying, 'The mind is a powerful tool'... If you can make the audience believe what they're viewing is real and believable, and you can view a story without sound and understand what's happening, then you have reached the hearts of everyone... You have completed your goal!

Bridget has worked in broadcast media for many years, working in areas as diverse as news, drama, documentaries and feature films, supplying footage for films such as: The Damned United, Bad 25 - Spike Lee's film about 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's album Bad (supplying footage for this project and addressing the parcel for the attention of 'Mr Spike Lee' was a bit surreal!), The Queen starring Helen Mirren, George Harrison Living In The Material World - Martin Scorsese's doco film... the list goes on, and also on both national and international projects.
"I love working in this industry, surrounded by creative people and new technology. There's a definite thrill seeing a project you've been involved in shown on TV or the big screen, and working on Jet Slade will mean for once I'm in front of the camera!"

Among her vast wealth of experience, Bridgit has worked as a voiceover artist, hair and fitness model. A talented amateur photographer, Bridgit has worked at martial arts events around the country shooting some of the top Thai boxers and MMA fighters in the UK. She also writes a successful blog about her creative adventures and her fitness regime, The Wag Doll Protocol.

About her involvement in Jet Slade she says "Working on Jet Slade is a huge learning curve for me, and one I'm really looking forward to. I've been involved in the martial arts world through filming for many years, but I've never actually trained in the sport, so taking on the role of such an active and feisty character is great. I love that edmahoo has put such a strong female role in the film!"

Humphrey Casely-Hayford: Mac (Follow Humphrey on Twitter)
Humphrey Casely-Hayford, is a Leeds based actor and voice over artist.  With a passion for showing off, Humphrey took the stage at the age of 8 years.  Since then, he has been in several national touring stage production that include "Of Mice and Men", "Julius Caesar" and "Othello"

More recently, Humphrey featured within the film "I am a Good Person/I am a Bad Person" written, directed, and produced by renowned Canadian film maker, Ingrid Veninger. 

He has also starred in the comedy genius of "Hot Moth" created by Lee Apsey and Dan Roberts in the series "This Is Not Medicine

Since the beginning of 2012, Humphrey's love of filming grew and became partner Tomasz Aleksander's production company " Boy North Films" and to Laura Whitaker's thriving business Defining Beauty.  Heading up the video production department in Defining Beauty.  He is currently working an a legacies of war project named "Unheard Voices".  In conjunction with the University of Leeds, The National Lottery Heritage Fund, and Snowgoose Writers Community; Humphrey and Laura are helping bring archive material to life by creatively filming and capturing archive material from the First World War, and are telling the stories of the "Unheard Voices" of family members left behind within Yorkshire during that time.

With Boy North Films, Humphrey has been the producer on three short films, all with a moral message to be put to the audience.  Two of which, made it to Festival de Cannes short film corner in 2012 and 2013.

About Jet Slade, Humphrey says:  Acting in Jet Slade is going to be a whole new challenge for me.  Being a complete nutter and evil person is not what comes natural to me!!!  Last year Ed put me through my paces when it came to fight training - I've had a break, and I'm raring to start fighting again.  Bring on the punching bag!  I love acting in independent projects, being someone who is involved in several projects big and small, I understand the importance that homegrown film making has to the industry.  I'm looking forward to seeing this project completed, as an actor, I'll be learning something new to add to my skillset.  As a film maker, I'll be learning a whole new way to shoot stuff.

Ewa Magdalena: AKA Natalia Slade (Follow Ewa on Twitter)

View Ewa's Model Pic on: 

 Jack Liam-Temple: Slade Agent

Josie Caulfield: AKA Kat' (Follow Josie on twitter): Assassin

Zoey has recently started her modelling career and was a finalist in Miss Leeds 2013 and Miss Harrogate 2013. Since then she has become a member of 'Amazon Girls' and is becoming very successful with her modelling career. Noticed for her charismatic personality, Zoey was cast to star in a short  indipendant film 'Jet Slade'. This will be a huge challenge for her, but Zoey hopes to continue and strive forward into acting.


Originally from Birmingham UK, Ayesha now resides in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.
With a background in Psychology, she has always had a passion for acting and believes she has what it takes to become a budding actor and took the plunge by joining Casting Agency.

Ayesha leads a very exciting life and believes you should live life to it's fullest. With a bubbly personality, she is approachable and very friendly and enjoys and supports the Basket Ball team and Boxing club from her university. She also enjoys being around family and friends, shopping and one day would like to be recognised for her talent as an actor not just in Europe, but around the world!

Jet Slade: Ayesha will make her debut appearance in Jet Slade and will play a budding reporter, Tiffany Skales. This versatile role will be challenging for her, but Ayesha feels this is exactly what she needs to get her started in career as an actress.

Martha Moody: Makeup & FX
Martha is a media makeup graduate from Yorkshire UK.

Having recently completed her diploma in Theatrical & Media Makeup, combined with Fashion & Photographic, she has studied:
Injury Stimulation
Bald Caps & Ageing
as well as Makeup & Hair for fashion & special ccasions.

Martha is currently working towards taking her A levels in Psychology, English Literature & Religious Studies at Craven College, Skipton.

Roman Domurad

Stephen Johnson

Hena Mikael

Emma Preston

Lynsey Jane

Rochelle Goldman

Milja Maaria
Helen Rodriguez

 Matthew Rolwley

Chris Dresser

Mathew McGreggor
Mat Lui Kang McGregor: Fight Team/Stunts
Mat has been a student of martial arts for over 17 years and holds a Brown Belt in Wado Kai Karate.

He has also trained in Freestyle Kickboxing adapting what he's learned, and incorporating  it into  his own unique fighting style. 

He is also a prolific athlete and uses his skill in the 'free running' art of Parkour.With his skills, Mat will play  a huge part in the action scenes of Jet Slade.


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