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This is the page for Helen Rodriguez.

Helen is from the wonderful town of  Harrogate, North Yorkshire, which is approximately 15 miles from Leeds. Ed the director has known Helen from since she was 11 years of age as she is the best friend to his daughter Ria and also Zoe Cook who also stars in Jet Slade. 

Helen has always stood out from the rest of her friends, not because of her personality but because of her height. From a young age Helen has been very tall and to date, stands a height of 6 foot. Another interesting feature about Helen is her hair, she has the most loveliest head of hair and would be a perfect hair model for any hair product companies out their.

She says, "I never wear high heeled shoes as they make me look even taller, and quotes.. I don't even think I can walk in them!" Helen smiles as she says it... She really enjoyed modelling her Slade outfit and surprisingly liked wearing the boots.

Another problem Helen finds is when she's out shopping trying to find the right clothes to fit. She says, "The arms are always too short in her size, which means I have to buy a bigger size."

If you're a designer, it's time this issue was resolved!

Ed needed someone to play a Slade Sentry Enforcer, someone tall and statuesque. Although Helen doesn't speak in the film, her presence alone makes up enough for it.

See image below of Helen as a Slade Sentry Enforcer:
Helen stands next to the Slade Emblem, this is the first time it's ever been used in a promotional poster, except for when it was first shown in our first official trailer:


Helen has been added to our 'Meet the Cast' page where we will be adding her stats and a short bio about her.

For any more info and enquiries about Helen, please email: jet_slade@hotmail.com

More beautiful Images of Helen coming soon!...
 Helen below sporting a Jet Slade t-shirt... That's her real hair too.


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