Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood is an Acton Thriller set in the town of Leeds UK and Yorkshire, and is an original story written, filmed, edited, produced and directed by Edmahoo.

Film Synopsis.
Organised crime and corruption has been wiped out and what is left of it has gone underground. The city is once again a safe place for good working class citizens to roam freely without fear.  Protected by an elite law enforcement agency known as 'S.L.A.D.E' (Special Liaison Assault and Defence Enforcement agency), they patrol the city protecting it's citizens.

Recently, there has been a dark cloud overshadowing the city and mysterious unexplained occurrences have been happening. Something sinister is stirring in the shadows and the people are in fear of their safety. Underground crime and gang lords are being wiped out and only the brave who dare to stand up to this mysterious new society known as The Black Hood', are threatened or even found murdered... Fear and corruption has once again returned to what was a peaceful town.

But have the Black Hood Society overstepped their mark by sparking off a chain of events that is to overspill and upset the SLADE agency, and will what remains of the Enforcers be ready and equipped to handle the rein of terror that is to come down upon them?

Only one highly trained and experienced ex Enforcer with a troubled past is equipped to deal with such a situation, but will 'Jet' (played by Wag Doll) be strong enough to handle what's coming her way, or will she have to release the demon inside of her once again to take on this society of deadly assassins!

With unexpected twists and turns, Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!



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