Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood 30s Teaser Trailer

It's been a hectic past few months, it was only fair that lead actress Bridgit aka
Wag Doll took some time out to recuperate and take a well deserved week's
break in the Mediterranean. As we prepare for the finale we start
preparations for her fight training and fight choreography.

Below are a few wonderful images of Bridgit on vacation as she takes some time out...
Bridgit's character has so many transformations and physical scenes that it puts a lot of
stress on your body which can soon takes it's tole.
The safety of every actor involved in Jet Slade is of the highest and
most importance to Ed (the director). He oversees everything down to the training,
costume fitting, fight choreography, rehearsals, scripts, equipment,
timetables.. the list goes on.

Bridgit sitting by the pool enjoying the golden hour as the sun sets.
It's been a real eye-opener for Bridgit, although she's had some experience being
in front of the camera, it hasn't been on such a big scale.
Her performance and professionalism have been second to none!
These new images of Bridgit really shows her in a different light to what we're use to seeing her
in, especially as she's been wearing combat gear and different disguises all the way through the film.
See images below:

Bridgit will be back in action very soon as we prepare for the final stages and the finale of
Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood.

Why not take a look at her 'Website - Wag Doll', with over one million visits to her site.
Here's a link to her latest blog post...

Jet Slade features a very strong female cast, take a look at our Photo Gallery below:
(Actor/Director/Film Maker)
Humphrey also co stars alongside Bridgit as the tough yet arrogant agent assigned to investigate
a case and to aid and assist where he sees fit. But things don't go quite as smoothly as expected.
Apart from acting, he has also had the chance to co direct a scene alongside director Edmahoo.

Below is an exclusive 'behind the scenes' clip of Humphrey co directing and about to film
a scene of which he is also part of. The actress in this scene is Melanie Coen, this was her
debut appearance and she was very nervous, but Humphrey used is experience to really
make her feel at ease, needless to say Melonie's performance was exceptional! Ed is
holding the B camera (Sony Experia Z3 mobile phone) and can be heard talking in
the background (subtitled).
The above video is very interesting and helpful to any film maker needing advice on directing actors.
Humphrey has been a huge asset in the making of Jet Slade and we can't wait
for you to see his performance as an actor on screen.

Below is an exclusive short fight clip of Humphrey in action!

As a solo film maker, Ed still has lots of planning and preparation to do.
We will update you as we near the final stages of his progress.

We hope you've enjoyed reading this blog post.


Jet Slade Team!


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