Tuesday, 14 June 2016



Jet Slade has reached over 200,000 views!


When Director Ed Mahoo started Jet Slade, he never expected he'd get this many views.
He always had faith in his idea of making a short film about a strong female character, as he believes that female actors don't get the just rewards on screen as male actors do!
With Jet Slade's web page getting over 1000 views a day he has worked day and night pushing this project to get it off the ground.
He has had no financial backing whatsoever.
The brains behind the whole project, Ed wanted to give ordinary people (some who have since pursued an acting career) a chance to do something out of their comfort zone, a chance to do something they've never done before, but always had that 'something special' inside of them... a chance to meet new people, boost their confidence and make friends along the way.
This is a typical Ed face, especially when he's in the zone!
Thanks to lead actor Wag Doll aka Jet for taking this fabulous photo.
(Seen here with Ed) 

Ed believes that everyone has that 'something special' in them, it's finding it!
The original concept for Jet Slade was supposed to be only ten minutes long, but when he filmed his first scene and edited it together, he realised Jet Slade was going to be a feature and he would need more 'tape!' :)

Ed has been very unorthodox when it came to selecting the cast for his film, he didn't do any casting and has selected cast members by their personality, shape, size, accent, persona and look.
He was adamant that Jet Slade should be filmed in his home town of Leeds and around the Yorkshire region.

Here is just a short list of some of the things he's been doing to bring this film alive...
Organising, planning, promoting, writing, filming, photography, designing, make-up, graphics, lighting, sound, editing, directing, producing, music... the list just goes on.

The recent rehearsals for our next shoot have been going fantastic and we start filming in a few days..
Below are some shots from Steve and Rochelle's rehearsal, they are both having so much fun! Rochelle is really getting into character as Chief Slade Enforcer:

Look out for more exciting posts on Jet Slade as Phase III: The Finale is really turning into something big!

Jet Slade Team!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Jet Slade - Phase III Update

Production of Jet Slade: Phase III - The Finale is coming along just fine, scripts and storylines have been re-written as Ed the director really wants to make this project as best as he can. With the introduction of new characters and cameo appearances, Ed has really gone to town...

Jet Slade is filmed in Leeds and Yorkshire and being from Leeds, Ed wanted to capture Leeds for the viewers to see it in a different light. Leeds can look totally different at night and he wanted to capture this.

Last month was pretty hectic, as one of  his latest cast members Milja Maaria left to go back home to Finland. We had to work to a tight schedule to get her up to grips with her script and fight choreography.
[Screen Grab - 3am in the morning]
Everything worked out well in the end and we managed to get it all filmed. Click on the link to read the write-up about it: "On the Set of Jet Slade - Phase III"
Here's another link to the cast rehearsing for the above scene: "From Script to Action"

As the saying goes, "There's no rest for the wicked!" As soon as one scene is completed and finished, plans and production have already been put in place for the next scene...

Not so long ago we introduced Rochelle Goldman to you... Roch' will be playing 'Chief SLADE Enforcer'...
,,,she had her very first script rehearsal and met Steve for the first time yesterday [Tuesday 8th June 2016] and had so much fun! And let us just remind you, Steve is a character and a great guy too.
This is what Ed the director really wanted... for people to do things they never thought possible and to meet new and interesting people. Roch' has her second rehearsal this week, we're already preparing and making plans to start filming before the end of the month. 
Below are some more images from yesterday's rehearsal, we hope you like them:

If you missed our extended trailer which is up on our Facebook page, here it is. You also get a first look at the Black Hood at the ending!: