Saturday, 21 May 2016

Graham Jones - Hailed "A Very Talented Director" by 'VARIETY MAGAZINE'

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Recently we've started promoting our film Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood (still in production). As an independent film maker, we know too well how difficult it is to get things off the ground, it takes a lot of planning, perseverance and patience. We have put a lot of thought into how we want to portray the way we promote our film, and hopefully appeal to the right audience. This has attracted film maker, Graham Jones...
 Graham Jones - Who is Graham Jones?
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Graham Jones is a talented director and film maker, and has a very unique style of film making... Most films these days are quick-paced, using many cuts to tell their story, we can sometimes get caught up in the same trap and before you know it, we're all doing the same thing. With Graham, each scene is well paced, thought out and focuses more on the subject.... more character driven. His film style draws you in and before you know it, you forget about the pacing and focus more on the story. Using the traditional static camera shots for some of his scenes, he gives you a chance to focus on the whole picture and what's happening, therefore when he does apply those subtle dolly techniques you don't notice it because you're so deep into his film...

What is... Nuascannán?

You can read more about this Here...
Browsing through some of his works on his Youtube channel we were very surprised to see how much work he had actually produced and directed!...

There were a couple of films that stood out to us as we browsed through his website.
The first was:
View trailer below - The film starts immediately after!

The other film that stood out to us was
You can watch the full movie below.

View more of Graham's films clicking on the links we've provided and also by Clicking this link: 
Film making is a passion, we hope you've enjoyed reading this alternative post from director Edmahoo (follow on Twitter). We need to see more posts like this from interesting and creative people. Without these types of posts and support from other Independent film makers, we can get lost and become invisible in the world of today's 'Social Media.'

Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood 'Extended Trailer'
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Thursday, 12 May 2016

On The Set of Jet Slade - Phase III

The Gods must have been watching over us!
The time is 3am in the morning and we're just about to wrap-up filming for the night. The cast had rehearsed intensively over the past few weeks and the weather forecast predicted it was going to be sunny and dry on the day we'd planned to film... considering it had been raining, frosty, windy and even hail stone that previous week!

Location Scouting
Ed (the director) had already done his homework and had a contingency plan if the weather wasn't going to be as the forecaster had predicted, so he chose two locations to be on the safe side, the second being a more enclosed and darker setting with shelter. The scene in the screen grabs below is the set he really wanted to use as it had the perfect lighting that really set the mood. He'd been to visit the location in the day and also at night to see what it was like. You'd be surprised how a set can look in different times of the day.
Screen Grab 01:
Image of Lynsey Jane who plays a deadly assassin.
 Screen Grab 02:
Image of Lynsey Jane throwing an Axe Kick.
 Screen Grab 03:
Image of the cast after filming had finished, they were cold and tired but enjoyed every minute of it. The whole shoot took about fours hours to do, prior to that the cast had to have their makeup applied and put on their costumes.
 Screen Grab 04:
Image of Milja and Steve on set.
 Screen Grab 05:
Image of Milja, Emma and Steve.
 Screen Grab 06:
Emma & Steve, they have such a good rapport on screen together.
  Screen Grab 07:
Emma & Steve in character.
  Screen Grab 08:
A really nice setting of Lynsey and Chris on set.
With this scene completed, plans are already set in motion to start rehearsals for a few more scenes before we start filming.

We hope you liked the screen grabs of some of the cast from Jet Slade on set.

Look out for more updates from us.

Thanks for reading.

Jet Slade Team!