Jet Slade: Phase III The Finale - From Script to Action


With Phase III - The Finale heavily into production, we take a sneak peak inside what happens when all of the actors have rehearsed their scripts. What it takes from imagining a fight scene when rehearsing a script to actually adding the action to a scene.

It is sometimes impossible to have all of the actors in one place at the same time, whether it be a script rehearsal or fight/action scene. Ed (the director) has to coordinate his diary to suit everyone and let us tell you, "It's not easy!" He even sometimes acts as stand-in and plays many different characters just to fill in the gaps, and that's also for the action scenes too!

Ed is particularly vigilant and high on safety, which is a huge factor when rehearsing for a fight scene.
He writes his fight scenes to suit each particular actor and what they're capable of doing, never any more than that. He believes that if they put in the time to rehearse, train and condition themselves, then they will shine on screen.

He has a great stunt/fight team that understands his fight curriculum, which makes his life so much easier when explaining a fight scene... This is very important for any director or production team!

Before any actor/actress gets to the physical stages of any action scene, they have to go through a vigorous training regime, and even before they get the part (depending on what role they're playing) Ed puts them through a fitness audition test to see how fit they really are exactly. He asks them a few personal questions and whether or not they have had any injuries in the past or at present, he tests their heart and recovery rate and how well they handle certain exercises to determine their fitness. Be aware, some actors will tell you they can do certain things just to get through the front door or to get the part, but this isn't always so. You don't want to waist your time having to train them when they say they fit the credentials and don't. This technique is a good way of weaning out the fakes.

Milja is originally from Finland and has been very fortunate to travel to some fantastic places around the world. With a fitness background and in kickboxing, which she studied in Brazil, Milja attended Ed's advanced Kickboxing Class, so he knew what her capability was when he asked her if she'd like a part as a SLADE Enforcer in his film Jet Slade.
Since starring in Jet Slade, Milja has come on in leaps and bounds. She is very keen to learn and comes alive when it comes to learning anything that involves physical conditioning or fight scenes. Although the type of training introduced to her is new and which she says "Very difficult!" She always gives it her all and tries her best!
Some of these exercises help to strengthen the actors ligaments and prepares them for any physical activity they may have to perform in a fight scene. Especially anything that has a martial arts element.
To really get an example of what some of the cast have to go through in training, especially Wag Doll (our lead actor who stars as Jet), take a look at the video clips of her working out below:
Sometimes a fight scene can involve a much bigger cast and fight and stunt team, and though Ed trains each cast member privately, there comes a time when you have to get all of the actors together in one place. So having a bigger location to rehearse is essential. Check your local area for gyms with a studio. Most gym owners can be quite helpful and supportive of what you're doing and can sometimes offer you a reduced studio hire rate or sometimes even for free, so it doesn't hurt to ask. (You may have to book in advance).

We are very fortunate, as Ed is very good friends with the gym owners of Gym Pro and they are very supportive of his work.

Gym-Pro is situated in the heart of Moortown, Leeds, West Yorkshire, and is owned and run by Marc and Sharon Stimpson. It is a family run and friendly gym and has clients from all backgrounds such as: Doctors, Nurses, Solicitors, Teachers, Accountants, Students and much more. They pride themselves by knowing their clients on a personal name basis.

The Face of Gym-Pro: Sharon Stimpson -  Sharon is beautiful, tall, slim and slender and has an amazing figure. She also participates in some of the classes held at the gym and also works  out to her own personal fitness regime... Seen here below.

Marc and Sharon believe  that if you own a gym, then your body must be your business card and they both take pride in their appearance.

Marc Stimpson of Gym-Pro seen here below advertising his Weight Plate Workout Regime and also Modelling a Jet Slade T-Shirt, we like that!
 Click on 'Marc's Weight Plate Workout Image' to view his Trailer.
For more information about Gym-Pro, please click on their links above.
Once the scripts have been rehearsed, we've still got a long way to go as the actors have to get used to adding action to there lines. Even the opening of a door can throw them while they're talking, so can you imagine when they have to jump around or get into a scuffle on set. This is why rehearsals are so important! No actor can just arrive on a set and expect to film a scene, without knowing their lines or the  storyline. Ed wouldn't even allow it!
With Milja, Ed focused more on the scripts and the acting side of things, especially the language barrier, although her English is excellent. He knew the physical and fighting side of things would come more naturally to her.

Milja has really enjoyed the experience working with us and the fight team, a shy person she has really come out of her shell and her confidence has grown.

Though a very quiet and reserved person, when it comes to the physical side of things she is not... She comes alive when it comes to fighting, training or fitness. She has taken on so much in such a short time that she's been with us and we have no doubt that she'll be continuing the sport when she leaves us. Yes that's right, she leaves us to go back to Finland four days after we film her scene. She will be sadly missed.
With her time spent with us, she has been introduced to a different side of kickboxing, perfected and understood the importance of technique, stretching, self defence and much more ethical parts of the sport. Below are a few images of her and Stunt Coordinator Chris Dresser:
Chris Dresser: Stunt and Fight Coordinator
with Ed (Director of Jet Slade)
   As we drawer closer to filming day, we fine tune the fight techniques and make sure the actors look and perform their scenes as best as they can. It's a long process from rehearsing their lines to fight choreography, but it's a crucial and well worth process when everything runs smoothly and every performs well on the day of the shoot!

Here's a very first exclusive look at 'Behind the Scenes' footage of her going through part of the choreography for her fight scene. Director Edmahoo acts as stand in and Chris is on stunts. What a great time she had rehearsing.
We want our cast members to really enjoy their time with us, and we want to share this journey with you. We really hope you've enjoyed reading this post and hope it helps in some way and gives you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes.

Look out for more exiting posts from us.

Thanks for reading,

Jet Slade Team!


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