Stuntmen, Unforgotten Heroes!

Jet Slade: Phase III The Finale.

Jet Slade is an action thriller, we sometimes subliminally forget about the guys that make the stars look the way they do, especially in an action or fight scene.

Ed (the Director) has known and have been training partners with Matthew Rowley (right) for nearly fifteen years...
Matt also stars in Jet Slade as a henchman and although originally he wasn't supposed to get a speaking part and was very reluctant. Ed finally persuaded him to say a few lines and in spectacular form, he spoke in an American accent? It was quite funny at the time because, when Matt opened his mouth to say his lines, he spoke with an American accent and Ed said,

"You're speaking American, Jet Slade is set in Leeds, Yorkshire (Matt being a Yorkshire man himself)?" Replied, "I know, thah's not gonna speak it in't any other way, or's thah's not gonna do it!"

We all couldn't stop laughing!

Here's the scene where Matt has to say a few lines...

Alongside Ed as head Stunt Coordinator, Matt has really enjoyed getting into the action!
It was Matt's first time being part of an indie film and Ed gave him full control of the choreography fight scene between himself and lead actor Humphrey Casely-Hayford

Matt choreographed this fight scene and we can't wait to show you the full edited version when the film is complete...

Here's just a short snippet of them both in action, Matt did a great job!
Creating that Trust!
Both Black Belts in Freestyle Kickboxing (Ed being a 2nd Dan), they have both trained with each other for such a long time that they have a complete understanding when it comes to fight techniques and combinations. This is one of the reasons why Ed asked Matt to be part of his stunt and fight team along with Chris Dresser (another member of the stunt team) seen in the screen grab below on the right (Humphrey on the left). Ed's main priority was to make sure the cast were safe on set when it came to the fight scenes.

Chris is our 'Jason Stathem' clone...
...See him here in action with Jet!
Screen Grab
Matt will be featured in more fight scenes in Jet Slade so watch this space. You also get a glimpse of him in our trailer as he is kicked in the chest be Jet played by Wag Doll.
"The things stuntmen have to go through!"

Here's the first trailer for our action thriller, Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood.
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