Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood Teaser Trailer 2

PHASE III - The Finale

Actress Ayesha Latif voices the new Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood Trailer 2.
Originally from Birmingham UK, she has adapted very well to her character.
Phase III is heavily into its production stage, director Edmahoo is working very hard on the final stages of the storyline and scripts. We're amazed how one person can adapt himself to all of the different roles, but he's doing it!

He promises an explosion of a trailer for the final trailer (trailer 3) and says, "You'll get to see everyone involved in the film in the upcoming trailer, Jet Slade is filled with twists and turns and I know you're going to really like it."

Ed wanted to use as many people who had never had any prior acting experience, and by his guidance and working together produce something special, not only just for himself but for the rest of the cast. He believes that everyone has that special something in them and if they believe in themselves, then you can make any dream possible if you give it 100%.

The cast have learnt so much by working with Ed and he hopes they can use what they've learnt and continue to pursue their dreams.

Let's not waste any more time!

Here's the first and exclusive look at the new Teaser Trailer 2 for Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood.

We hoped you like our new teaser trailer, look out for more updates from Jet Slade.

Here's our first trailer if you missed it. Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood Trailer 1

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Stuntmen, Unforgotten Heroes!

Jet Slade: Phase III The Finale.

Jet Slade is an action thriller, we sometimes subliminally forget about the guys that make the stars look the way they do, especially in an action or fight scene.

Ed (the Director) has known and have been training partners with Matthew Rowley (right) for nearly fifteen years...
Matt also stars in Jet Slade as a henchman and although originally he wasn't supposed to get a speaking part and was very reluctant. Ed finally persuaded him to say a few lines and in spectacular form, he spoke in an American accent? It was quite funny at the time because, when Matt opened his mouth to say his lines, he spoke with an American accent and Ed said,

"You're speaking American, Jet Slade is set in Leeds, Yorkshire (Matt being a Yorkshire man himself)?" Replied, "I know, thah's not gonna speak it in't any other way, or's thah's not gonna do it!"

We all couldn't stop laughing!

Here's the scene where Matt has to say a few lines...

Alongside Ed as head Stunt Coordinator, Matt has really enjoyed getting into the action!
It was Matt's first time being part of an indie film and Ed gave him full control of the choreography fight scene between himself and lead actor Humphrey Casely-Hayford

Matt choreographed this fight scene and we can't wait to show you the full edited version when the film is complete...

Here's just a short snippet of them both in action, Matt did a great job!
Creating that Trust!
Both Black Belts in Freestyle Kickboxing (Ed being a 2nd Dan), they have both trained with each other for such a long time that they have a complete understanding when it comes to fight techniques and combinations. This is one of the reasons why Ed asked Matt to be part of his stunt and fight team along with Chris Dresser (another member of the stunt team) seen in the screen grab below on the right (Humphrey on the left). Ed's main priority was to make sure the cast were safe on set when it came to the fight scenes.

Chris is our 'Jason Stathem' clone...
...See him here in action with Jet!
Screen Grab
Matt will be featured in more fight scenes in Jet Slade so watch this space. You also get a glimpse of him in our trailer as he is kicked in the chest be Jet played by Wag Doll.
"The things stuntmen have to go through!"

Here's the first trailer for our action thriller, Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood.
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Saturday, 19 March 2016

"What's Your Focus Pull!"

Behind The Camera of a Solo Filmmaker
With technology advancing quickly and by the time you've saved up those pennies to buy your dream camera, it's already out of date. The hours spent doing your research seems to have been a waste of time!... Or has it, does having a more expensive camera make your work any better?

With the new range of cameras available out there on the market, who can afford to by them? Some of the prices range into their thousands, and that's just for the body itself!

Are we going back to when we were kids, if you didn't have the latest trainers, you weren't part of the in-crowd? Did having the better and more expensive trainers make you a faster runner?

These questions are debatable...

If you have your heart set on a particular camera and you've done your research, then there must be a reason for you wanting that model. Don't be detoured by negative reviews, there will always be some smart alec who knows best.

Youtube is a really good way of finding out honest and genuine reviews about the model of camera you have your heart set on. Most companies tend to have a support system on their website with a download feature, that will allow you to download a PDF format of the manual. This is really handy as you can really delve into the specifications and the finer details of the camera.
Really do your research and think about what benefits you get from that particular model and why you think it suits you best.

DSLR cameras have become very popular for the Indie Filmmaker enthusiast, which is giving them the chance to have that cinematic look in their footage. Being able to use different lenses for different scenes has really upped the creativity and have allowed the Solo Filmmaker to produce some outstanding results.

So we go back to the beginning and ask that first question... "Does having a better camera make your work any better? Well... Yes in the right hands and no in the wrong hands.

Why is this?

This is just speculation... Some filmmakers see a film/footage from a particular camera and fall in love with the look... But what they don't realise is what goes into making that footage look the way it does, so sometimes they can feel a little disappointed especially when they've spent so much money on their dream camera... Having a better camera  in the right hands can produce phenomenal results.
If you're a camera enthusiast, you may by now have recognised the camera being used in the photos...
The camera being used to film Jet Slade is the 'Canon 5D Mark III'.

Why the Canon 5D Mark III?
A couple of years ago (2013) Ed the director, went to the BVE Expo in Manchester. He's been a few more times since then. The BVE is like paradise for the filmmaker enthusiast, it's actually really  nice to go there and meet people of the same interest as you. You actually get a chance to have a hands-on on the equipment and really get to feel the ergonomics and weight of some of the gadgets and hardware you only read in magazines and see on the Internet. It's a definite must if you've never been to one of these Expos before!

The BVE is where Ed managed to get some expert help and advice from the Canon tech team that were at hand... they were very helpful and answered his questions and did a demonstrated on the camera for him.

Ed already knew he wanted to use the Atomos Ninja 2 to record his film, he had done his research!

The video link review below is by D.O.P. and Filmmaker Stefan Czech. (Click on link to follow Stefan on Twitter)

He explains in detail on how to setup the 5D Mark III with the Atomos Ninja 2.
It's a very interesting video tutorial but not just for the topic, but also the advise he gives you is very knowledgeable.

Filmmaker Philip Bloom (Click on link to follow Philip on Twitter) also gives you an earlier insight on the Canon 5D Mark III and Mark II, which was also useful to Ed.

It can become very expensive when it comes to buying accessories and attachments, make sure you're prepared for this.
The more you film, the more you're going to come across many hurdles. Try and plan your day and always do dummy runs, get use to your equipment and know it inside out.
A DSLR rig is very useful as it allows you to add extra attachments/pieces of equipment. No DSLR setup is the same, usually each cameraman or film maker usually custom makes and designs their own rig to suit them.
Ed's rig design allows him to mount his camera on his shoulder or to use the handle grip on top to either carry the camera or film at lower angles. There is some weight to it, so make sure you're aware of this especially if you're going to be filming a shoot all day.
Ed has really planned and designed his style of rig to suit him. He has experienced first hand by working in the field what his pitfalls are, which he has corrected to suit.
Everything on his rig is easily accessible to him which is very important when filming on location.

Most of you reading this will already have an insight to film making, but every filmmaker has his tale to tell...

We hope that you've enjoyed reading this post and it helps you in some way. Jet Slade is a journey and we hope you're enjoying the ride as much as we are.

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Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood

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(Photos of DSJR Rig taken with the Canon EOS 350D) Still a little Rebel! 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

From Storyline to Script to Screen

With filming for Jet Slade planned to wrap this year,
we take a quick look into how Ed the director
gets his ideas from paper to film.

 Not seen our first trailer for Jet Slade yet?

Click on the link below:

When you watch a film, you don't realise how much
work and effort goes into it until you start breaking
down a scene or experience it for yourself.
A scene itself can contain so many elements which
are crucial but subliminal to us (the audience) and it is that
what adds to and makes a scene...
It all depends on the mood/genre/style of the scene/film...

So... "When you go to the cinema to watch a movie,
does this spoil the enjoyment?"

Ed doesn't seem to think so, as he goes with the
intention to enjoy the film and not to analyse it.

Having a vision (idea) of how you want your scene
to look can really help, especially when writing the storyline.
Ed has a special place where he likes to write down
his ideas for the storyline and scripts.
He still uses a notepad to write down all of his ideas
and then types them up in a word processor.
If you can find somewhere that helps you write
and be creative, then try and stick to that special place.
 It all sounds very easy, but when you're a 'solo filmmaker'
and having to make all of these decisions yourself,
it's quite a lot to take on, so make sure you're
geared up and know what to expect.

What motivates you?
There are going to be times when you hit a wall.
Don't be afraid to be versatile, have an open mind.
Writing can be fun and exciting, you are in control of the story.

Getting Started
Jet Slade is written, produced and directed by Ed,
so he already has an idea in his head of
what he wants the scene to look like.

He usually writes a synopsis for his actors to read
at the top of each script, so they have an insight to what
the scene is about and what he expects from them...

The Norm
He doesn't follow a set routine and is very spontaneous
in his work, the actors never know what to expect
but have come accustom to his unorthodox way or working.

He has a saying... "If it looks right and sounds right,
then it must be right." But it's not that simple!...
A lot of effort, time and thought does go
into it to it to make it look right.

Ed usually sits down with the cast and runs through
the storyline and explains to the actors what the
scene is about. It might be a continuation from a
previous scene that they've just filmed
or a totally new scene.
 Like most scripts, he uses numbers beside each of the
characters names. This helps in rehearsals,
it's much easier to say, "Take it from number '10' etc." 
It keeps the momentum going.

The actors usually walk through their lines while Ed listens.
Once the actors know what they're doing and maybe
a few tweaks have been made to it here and there...
Ed then starts adding the actions and phrases etc.

(Once the actors have rehearsed their lines, usually
after a couple of rehearsals, Ed takes their scripts away from them).

An action can be grabbing the hand or arm, folding the arms,
putting a hand on the table or chair etc...All these minute
things come into play.
 Depending on the storyline, depends on how long
rehearsals last. If there is a fight sequence involved
then it takes much longer. There is always a final rehearsal
before we film and Ed explains in detail what he
wants the actors to wear (costumes)...
The location is planned and arranged weeks in advance.

Rehearsals are a must! You can't go onto a set just by
reading a script and think you're going to nail it
straight away, as that will never happen, it's too time
consuming and unprofessional! There might be a situation
on set while filming when something just isn't right
and Ed may decide to make a few alterations on
the spot! Take the time to find out about your
character and try to get to as much
rehearsals as possible.
 Who Are You?
To finalise... The common mistake a lot of new actors
make and get confused with is their identity. Some find it
very difficult and struggle to take themselves away from
them self when portraying a  character.

They have to realise they're not themselves,
they're a character it's only acting!

We really hope you've enjoyed reading this post,
keep a look out for more updates with regards to Jet Slade.
We hope it's been helpful in some way and gives
you a helping hand to guide you on your way to success.

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

ACTOR PROFILE: Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson:
Originally from Birmingham UK and now living in Leeds West Yorkshire
for nearly thirty years, Steve is a very animated and expressive actor and
professional dancer.
He Studied Contemporary Dance at
'The Northern School of Contemporary Dance' in Leeds.
Steve has been good friends with Director Edmahoo for over 20 years.
When Ed spoke to Steve with regards to his character for Jet Slade,
he was ecstatic and was happy to take on the part.

With his quick whited personality he changes from one extreme to the
next, that it's sometimes hard to keep up with him... But don't let that fool you,
as he is very competent and serious at his work when it comes to performing
on stage and on set in front of the camera.
He has had some difficult scripts to work with in Jet Slade, but has
pulled it off each time in rehearsals and shining on screen when it comes to
filming, leaving a bench mark and making it easier for the other actors to follow.

Not only is he a professional contemporary dancer, he is also a competent
street dancer and teaches his skills in workshops all over Europe.
 He is a very strong and versatile dancer and athlete!
Once you get use to Steve and you look past his charismatic personality
you will find that he is: funny, friendly, likable and is loved by everyone
who meets him.
Seen above with lead actress Wag Doll who plays Jet.
 Above with Henna who plays the role of Pathologist in Jet Slade
Above with Ayesha who plays a keen Reporter in Jet Slade.
Steve above in both posters with Lynsey who plays a deadly Assassin!
Above with Katie as stand-in who also stars in Jet Slade.
Above with Lynsey (left) and Emma (right) after a rehearsal for Jet Slade.
Screen Grab of Steve with Ewa above who plays a Slade Enforcer.
With Phase III - The Finale heavily into production, Steve has shown
that he is supportive and willing to help in any way he can.
He is improving in leaps and bounds every time he meets new challenges and
has shown his willingness to adapt in any form, whether it be an action,
serious or comedic role.

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