Marc Stimpson Brings The Fun Back into Martial Arts for Kids!

Every so often we like to tell you what's
happening behind the scenes.

Director Edmahoo has trained in Martial Arts
for nearly 40 years, so it was no surprise to him
when fellow training partner Marc Stimpson setup a kids
kickboxing class at his gym along with Sifu Reg Jones
(the founder of Leeds Freestyle Kickboxing).

 Click the links below to watch Marc's Weight Plate Workout Trailers
(Filmed, edited and produced by director Edmahoo)

Gym Pro is where the cast and director Edmahoo get to rehearse their fight choreography and action scenes.

 Marc seen here below with the lead cast of Jet
Marc seen here as stuntman with actor Humphrey Casely-Hayford

Marc has a background in:
Martial Arts, Boxing, Sport and Physical Science.
Although a huge supporter in Martial Arts, he believes 
that martial arts should be practical and work!

Kids are our future and we all know how they
can be unpredictable at times, so Marc has come up
with a brilliant and genius way of  keeping them active,
interested, entertained, fit, strong and flexible in a fun
and entertaining way... Still teaching them the discipline
and respect that every martial artist should have.

So what is this ingenious new technique?
 Marc's student demonstrates a typical
example of a Primal Movement.
Marc believes that as we get older, we forget the simple
things like crawling and doing all the natural kid
movements we did as a child. (He has even introduced it to his
advanced adults classes)... So by adding these
Primal Movements, it becomes a 'Multi-Functional' exercise,
you're working more than one muscle group at once,
naturally building strength, flexibility and your core at the same time.
Marc has even given each Primal Movement a name and uses it as a
way of testing the kids and making sure they're understanding
and listening to what he's teaching them. So it's a beautiful sight to see
when their arms start raising to answer his questions.

Below are a few more examples:

Still keeping to the traditional discipline and way of martial arts,
Marc teaches the kids the ethics of respect and shows them
and their parents how it can really help to improve their
confidence and self respect.

We really hope you enjoyed reading this post, as we like to help promote
some of the people we work with and who have helped us in the making
of our film 'Jet Slade'. If you haven't seen our first exclusive trailer then click
on the link below, and look out for more posts and news updates about our film.

(Directed by Edmahoo)

Thanks for reading...

Jet Slade Team!


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