Jet Slade - Phase III News Update

With Jet Slade kicking into gear for 2016 for the finale, rehearsals start again in March.
Director Edmahoo has been working frantically getting the scripts together
and casting new members to complete his action packed thriller!

Introducing Rochelle Goldman 
 (Click on her name to follow her on Twitter).
 Roch' is really looking forward to getting into action and
meeting the rest of the cast members, she has the right calibre
to be a Chief Slade Enforcer and has what it takes to be a tough leader.
She'll need to be, as she'll have to contend with one of her trusted
and loyal agents 'Jet' Slade.

Roch lives in Leeds UK and is from a Musical and Theatre
background and has been involved in performances such as
Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.
Although her character isn't someone she'd usually portray,
she envisioned it as something totally different to what she
is used to and jumped at the challenge.

Roch leads a busy lifestyle, but in her spare time likes to meet 
and catch up with family and close friends which is very important to her.
With frequent weekend visits to the Lake District (UK) with her husband,
she likes to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life
and walk her dog Tilly in the country side.
A keen cyclist, Roch likes to get out and about touring England and Spain.
Fitness is also a big part in her life and is very proud of one of her biggest 
achievements, and that was to run in the London Marathon.

We are very pleased to have Roch on board and look forward
to working with her in the up and coming next few weeks.

"Welcome to our world Rochelle Goldman".

Rochelle Goldman as Chief Slade Enforcer.
   Look out for more exciting news from Jet Slade.
If you still haven't seen our trailer yet, click on the link below.

Thanks for Reading,

Jet Slade Team!


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