1000 Followers on Twitter - Winner Announcement

A Time to Celebrate!
We are delighted to announce that director Edmahoo
(seen here holding the camera rig)
has reached 1000 followers on Twitter.
This might not sound very much but it does to Ed,
as he has always wanted the right kind of followers
to follow him on his journey... People who have a creative flare
and who are full of talent, but most of all are interested in his work.

Today he reached 1000 viewers and the winner that took him there
was the 1000th follower:

(Click on the link above or their logo below to visit their Twitter account)

"Building successful networks, communities and audiences for
Women Filmmakers of Color and their allies.
•Diversity is Film in Living Color•"

Thanks, you win a Jet Slade T-Shirt!
Director Edmahoo's selfie modelling a Jet Slade T-Shirt.
We have already been in contact and your prize will be in the post asap!

Not seen our Trailer for Jet Slade yet?
Check it out below!

Thanks, Jet Slade Team!


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