Thursday, 24 December 2015



Production begins for the final stage of Jet Slade,
director Edmahoo promises lots and lots of action!
It's not going to be easy but... WHO'S READY?
Director Edmahoo doesn't really get excited over trivial things,
as a matter of fact, we don't think we've ever seen him lose his cool on set...
We don't know how he does it?
Working and dealing with people with different personalities...
He writes and prepares the storyline and scripts,
plans rehearsals, he even travels to collect the
cast without transport and makes sure everyone gets home safely,
locations, sets, lighting, sound, tech, filming, editing,
producing, marketing, graphics design, photography, film score...

He truly is 'A Solo Filmmaker'.

He will be featured in 'THE SOLO FILMMAKER' magazine in January 2016
about his work on Jet Slade, so keep a look out for it.

See you all in the New Year and have a great Christmas.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

JET SLADE: Phase II Complete

 Phase II for filming of Jet Slade ended well for December 2015.
We just have a couple of small extra scenes to film (fillers)
New characters were introduced, rehearsals went well although a few changes
to the storyline and scripts had to be altered.
Director Edmahoo worked overtime to get the scenes prepared in time for rehearsals
and ready for the scheduled film shoots. 
The cast for Phase II have performed exceptionally well, way far beyond their expectations.
Actor Stephen Johnson has excelled in his role and has been given a more
dominant part in the film. His charisma and eccentricity has brought the film alive.
The cast have been feeding off his charismatic personality and have taken on board
some of his trates. Stephen has progressed not just as an actor but his confidence has 
grown and has become more and more relaxed in front of the camera.
The more relaxed he has become on set, the more his personality shines
and his character comes alive.
 Behind the Scenes shot of Ed the director on set.
Screen Grab of Wag Doll as Jet and Hena Mikael as the Pathologist.
Screen Grab of Lynsey Jayne as a Ruthless Assassin on the set of Jet Slade.
Screen Grab of Hena Mikael as the Pathologist using a Canon EOS 350D DSLR as a prop.
From left to right: Ayesha Latif - Hena Mikael - Wag Doll.
Actor Stephen Johnson with Wag Doll on the set of Jet Slade.
Stephen Johnson with Hena Mikael on the set of Jet Slade.
 Stephen Johnson with Hena Mikael on the set of Jet Slade.
Stephen Johnson with Ayesha Latif on the set of Jet Slade.
Lynsey Jayne.
 Stephen Johnson.
 Stephen Johnson and Lynsey Jayne.
Ayesha Latif on the set of Jet Slade.
Stephen Johnson rehearsing his lines for a scene in Jet Slade.
Stephen Johnson with Katie Wood as Stand-In for a scene in Jet Slade.
Stephen Johnson rehearsing his lines for Jet Slade.
From Left to Right: Lynsey Jayne - Stephen Johnson - Emma Preston.
After rehearsing a scene for Jet Slade.
 From Left to Right: Lynsey Jayne - Stephen Johnson - Emma Preston.
 After rehearsing a scene for Jet Slade.
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Friday, 4 December 2015


 Note: All images, video clips, scripts are written, taken and filmed by, and are the copyright of
Director Edmahoo.
For any more information and enquiries about this film email: or

Jet Slade is: Written, Filmed and Edited by Leeds UK Director Edmahoo (Photography, Graphics and Poster Designs, also by Edmahoo).

Lynsey Jayne follow her on Twitter: @lynseyJayne1

Lynsey joins the Jet Slade Cast.

(Click Photo to see more images of Lynsey)

Lynsey is the latest cast member to join the cast and made her debut film appearance by filming her first scene. We were surprised how well she performed but also, how interested she was in taking an interest in what was going on on set and the production side of things...

Her first scene featured Emma Preston and Stephen Johnson (see image below), who have all become really good friends.

So what did Ed the director of Jet Slade see in Lynsey?

Ed has known and trained with Lynsey in Freestyle Kickboxing for many years, they both received their black belt at the same time. He needed someone who understood fighting techniques and had control as so not to hurt the cast on set, Lynsey has these qualities. Not only that, Lynsey has very piercing eyes and has a way of manipulating you with just a stare... Ed liked that and knew she'd be perfect to play one of his assassins (see screen grab below).

Lynsey on set of Jet Slade

Lynsey is athletic, fit and strong and apart from just being a black belt in freestyle kickboxing, has many fitness accreditation towards her and is a professional personal fitness instructor.

Lynsey is a natural, down to earth person and you would usually see her wearing fitness attire. 
So when I approached her and told her about the film I was was making, she was excited and happy to help.
We really look forward to showing you Lynsey in action when the film is complete.

Below are a couple of screen grabs of Lynsey on the set of Jet Slade.

Lynsey on set of Jet Slade
Lynsey on set of Jet Slade
Lynsey on set of Jet Slade

Thanks for reading this post, we hope you're enjoying reading our character profiles and they give you an insight about some of our characters and cast members in the film.

Written by Director, Edmahoo