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Note: All images, video clips, scripts are written, taken and filmed by, and are the copyright of
Director Edmahoo.
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Jet Slade is: Written, Filmed and Edited by Leeds UK Director Edmahoo (Photography, Graphics and Poster Designs, also by Edmahoo).



Congratulations to our lead star Wag Doll for being in the top 50 list in the universe of 
Her work has been recognised by millions, we are so proud of her.

The Tutorial on her magic Lights Tulle Wreath has touched the hearts of millions.
(Click on image to view writeup on AllFreeSewing)

Wag Doll a.k.a Bridget Houghton

Wag Doll stars as Jet in our Indie film Jet Slade:Rise of the Black Hood.
(See her in action below in our exclusive trailer
(Click on title above to view link)

Apart from being an action star, Wag Doll is famed in her own right for running a successful blog, writing detailed tutorials incorporating high quality images to display her work.

Here is an example of some of her work: SILK JEWELLERY  POUCH
(Also click on image to be directed to Photobucket)
 Her Baby Sock Monkeys are very popular and appeal to a wide generation of people.
It's amazing to see how much detail she puts into her work!

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 Some of Wag Doll's recipes look too nice to eat, but are very delicious!
Having that traditional look reminiscent to a time of when you were a child.
Mmm, just writing this post is making me hungry.

(Click on image below to view recipe)

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(Click on image above to see her Insane Ab Workout Video)

After being enticed into eating her scrumptious and delicious recipes, Wag Doll takes pride in her physical appearance. Not only is she a  mother, she has just recently become a 'Supernan' too.
Yes you heard it right!

(Click on the title above to see in action as Jet in her action Film Jet Slade)

Being an action star isn't easy and Wag Doll has trained very hard to turn herself into a lean, mean, strong female hero. Fight training, martial arts, body conditioning and weapons training. Acting lessons have been a huge part of her life this past few years. She has truly been exceptional as she has had to incorporate fitting all of this into her full time daily life too, she truly is a Superwoman! 

See her working out with Director Edmahoo to a Rocky Theme Tune.

Click on the images below to follow her progress:




We really hope you've enjoyed reading our posts, the cast have been working really hard on this project. Keep a look out for more news updates from Jet Slade and if you're liking what we do, please leave us a message by contacting us to the right of the screen (desktop mode or web version).

Written by Edmahoo (Director)

Thursday, 8 October 2015


Here at Jet Slade we like to help, support and push our cast and hopefully guide them in the right direction. 

Katie joined the cast of Jet Slade back in July 2014. Since then she has come on leaps and bounds and it's amazing to see how she's progressed not only in her acting ability, but also in confidence. 

A keen Rugby player, her sporting background has helped and contributed to her character, as some of the scenes contained physical and action sequences.

Her personality is that of being 'one of the lads'... I think this stems from her being the physio to a group of strapping young men to  her local Rugby team, and has had to adapt to suit. Katie is a strong woman and she challenges herself to be better and better every day. She can sometimes have the  naivety of a child, which can be cute as she's always asking so many questions and wants to learn. She is determined and will go away and practise to perfect her skill. This could be the competitive streak she has in her from playing Rugby.

In the past year Katie has gone through so much and has battled with a few personal issues, only to take them on and battle through it like the warrior she is, and injuries from a broken ankle, arm and nose.  She's a magnet for injury!

Since joining the Jet Slade family, Katie has come on leaps and bounds and to witness her go through this transformation has been phenomenal.
We say to all our cast, "Jet Slade is about meeting new people and challenging yourself to do something totally different, out of your comfort zone and being part of something special you never thought possible."

It's surprising because, the total opposite has happened... we're also experiencing the exact same experience!
Katie has bonded really well with some of the cast. She has a heart of gold and is so keen to please that she will put herself out and help in any way she can.  She is currently studying psychology and is making plans to take a year out next year when she finishes her course to travel Australia... she will be missed!

A year can go by quickly. Since then Katie has matured in so many ways... She has grown in confidence and since then, apart from playing Rugby, has participated in an all women's charity (white colour) boxing event, taken up kickboxing and has also joined a casting agency and can also be seen here. She has appeared on Emmerdale (as an extra) a popular local TV Soap, been part of an indie film and is preparing to feature in a music video.
Katie seems to have found her knish, and that's to become a budding actor in film. She has transformed in confidence from a tomboyish personality into a beautiful and elegant strong woman.

If you're reading this, then we have done our job correctly as you are interested in taken her on.

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Look out for more Actor Profiles from Jet Slade in the future.
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Written by Edmahoo (Director).

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Jet Slade - Phase 2

Jet Slade is written, filmed, edited & directed by Leeds UK born Edmahoo (email).
Jet Slade has had no funding whatsoever, and Ed believes that: trust,
hard work, creativity, talent, guts, passion and pure determination is what helps him
on his mission, to create something he sees in his eyes as special!
"The response I've had has been overwhelming and I can't believe how much support I've had."
The idea, graphics, photos, music (except where credited)
are owned by & are the Copyright of  Edmahoo.

(Jet Slade and it's characters are fictional and it's story represent no real life situations).

Jet Slade has featured in magazines such as:


 S.L.A.D.E stands for: Special Liaison Assault & Defence Enforcement Agency.
It's agents are known as SLADE: Enforcers, Enforcer, 'Slade' or Slades.

Have you ever said to yourself, "I wish I could do that, or be part of something like that?"
Well... Jet Slade is just that!
Giving ordinary people, some with no acting experience a chance to be part of something special...
To be able to challenge themselves, by building and boosting their confidence, meeting new people and doing something they never thought was possible.

Jet Slade features a great cast of people from all different backgrounds...
Professional Dancers, Aspiring Actors, Martial Artists, Fitness, Professional People...
The list goes on.

With the release of our first Official Trailer: Jet Slade - Rise of the Black Hood floating around out there in the matrix world of social media (and also above), we intend to make Phase 2 just as exciting for everyone involved.

We have recently introduced new characters to give Jet Slade that next step-up we felt it needed, so Ed is working hard on the storyline and their scripts.

Lynsey Jayne (a black belt in Freestyle Kickboxing) makes her film debut as an assassin:

Ayesha Latif, an aspiring actor plays reporter Tiffany Scales:

Hena Mikael will also be making her film debut as a Pathologist.

Jess, will be making her debut appearance as a SLADE Enforcer:

So what about the rest of the cast, what have some of them been up to?

Wag Doll has been training hard and perfecting her fighting style.

Click Here to see Wag Doll working out for Jet Slade: The Journey.

Humphrey Casely-Hayford
Click here to see part of his Interview with Tony Deane.

Ewa Magdalena
Click here to view her Interview with Tony Deane.

Click here to see Josie working out with Ed the director for her character.

 Katie Wood
Katie has excelled in many ways and has joined a Casting Agency.

Jack has recovered from a serious knee operation and filming with him will
begin very soon. Jack has a background in Boxing, Kick Boxing,
Jiu-Jitsu and is a keen skier.
You might even go as far as saying that he's a bit of an adrenalin junky!

Zoey has been exceptional and performed excellently when she made her
debut appearance in a very dramatic and emotional scene, which can be seen here.

Roman Domurad
Roman has fitted perfectly into his character, he is also part of a drama class
and performs on stage regularly.

Stephen Johnson
Steve is a professional dancer and has performed all over Europe.
Originally from Birmingham UK, he now resides in the city of Leeds.
He has brought his charactor to life and added that spark Ed felt the film needed.

Emma Preston
  Emma's debut appearance on screen was fantastic, she performed well
in rehearsals and really brought her character to life.
The rapport between her and Steve on (and off) screen really shone through
which made their scenes together come alive.
Emma's hobbies are: Muay Thai, Fitness and Pole Dancing

 I hope you've enjoyed this update on Phase 2 of Jet Slade: Rise of the Black Hood.
Please use the contact form at the right of the screen if you want to get in touch with us.