Jet Slade - How Make-Up Helps to Set the Scene for our Characters

When it comes to writing a scene for Jet Slade, Ed the director has all of the ideas in his head.
This might seem a little strange to some, but he knows exactly what he wants to see and visualises everything before he writes the storyline and scripts for the actors involved.

He is very specific in how he wants his actors to look, dress and even down to their stature of how they pose.
Filming the same scene over again at different angles (cut in action), he knows exactly where everyone should be...
There always seems to be a method to his madness, as everything seems to turn out right when it comes to viewing the edited scene... Though some of the actors may seem a little skeptical at times, they have become accustomed to his bizarre methods of working!
Jet Slade is an action film, and at some point there's going to be a scene where an actor is going to look like they've been hit by a barn door, a fist, a weapon of some kind...

It wouldn't look believable in a fight scene if none of the actors didn't show an aftermath of cuts and bloody noses.
This is where our Special Fx Make-Up Artist Martha steps into action and saves the day!
Below are a couple of images of Martha's work. Clicking on the 'Make-Up' link above will take you to her page.

Thanks for reading, we hope you've found this useful.

Jet Slade Team.


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