How To Make a Windshield for a Lavalier Microphone

As an independent filmmaker, working on a tight budget. You have to come up with ways of saving those extra pennies. Director Edmahoo is always coming up with different ideas, especially when filming on set. He has a term that he always uses, especially when something goes wrong and he has to come up with an idea to solve it... He calls it "Battle Zone".

If you're on location, miles away from home, what do you do if something breaks, someone accidentally steps on a cable, maybe you've forgotten something? It can easily happen! You can't just nip to the corner shop or order something online and expect it to be delivered that day... I suppose, if you're working on a Hollwood budget then things might be a little different.

Ed is not just the director of Jet Slade, he brings an arsenal of knowledge with him too.

Here's just a short list of some of the roles he does on set:
Fight Choreographer

The list goes on...
It's important to carry extra cables and tools to help you solve problems that could occur.

This video shows you 'how to make a windshield for a lavalier microphone.' You can use different colour foam, white is used in this video.

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