Jet S.L.A.D.E: Building the Character

We've come a long way since the idea of Jet Slade first came to mind.
It was in 2011 when I started laying and writing down the plans and story ideas for a strong female leading character.

The name Jet hadn't come to mind, until a family member bought a new puppy, a black German Shepherd which they named 'Jet'.

It was then, the idea for the name of our lead was set.

I wanted someone who, at first sight was the least person you'd ever think could play an action hero. Someone who could be put through physical and mental training and yet still have a feminine and gentle look about her... someone who could be silent yet say a lot with their facial expression and body postures.

This was very important to me as this had to appear naturally on screen. I wanted to create a character that someone/anyone could watch and say, "Wow, I'd love to be able to do that!"
Shape was also very important, contours, the way they stood and they way they dressed was also a main factor too.

This is why we payed so much attention on the way we trained Wag Doll and focused on her shape, without losing her femininity but yet still being strong and conditioned and able to handle the physical tasks that she would be facing.

Jet Slade had to look believable on screen 'and yet' look right on film and through the lens!

With the Trailer under construction, I hope to give you an insight into this fast-paced action thriller with twists and turns.

Look out for future updates, as I will be introducing you to some of the other main characters in this film.


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